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Is Your Church as powerful and awesome as it could be?

Do you use ‘the awesome power of the voice’ God gave you?

‘The Awesome Power of the Voice’ workshops build confidence and prepare both your leadership team and your music team for leadership, performance and worship.

Whether you are speaking or singing, your voice is a powerful tool.

It says a lot about the message you are presenting, enabling you to better serve God.

Our interactive vocal workshops will help your church leaders to maximise the potential of their voices allowing your church to better focus on the message.

We will also demonstrate correct mic technique for maximum effectiveness.

Using entertaining examples and a series of simple, yet effective interactive exercises, you will be amazed by what can be achieved.

Whether you’re singing or speaking, using your voice correctly gives it greater power, authority and control.

Using a variety of musical and vocal styles, we will demonstrate and encourage correct vocal techniques, which allow for greater vocal range and in the long term, minimise the risk of vocal damage.

‘The Awesome Power of the Voice’ will also inspire confidence.

Wherever a strong vocal presence is required, we empower your team with techniques that will carry with them throughout their life in the church.


Presenter Stephen Fisher-King is one of Australia’s leading live entertainers. In fact, he’s the perfect blend of theory and experience.

Stephen holds a Bachelor of Music and Voice degree from the Conservatorium of Music at the Australian National University.

He is classically trained and has studied the vocal training methods of Vocal Guru Don Graydon, who was responsible for coaching Australian icons including Normie Rowe and David Campbell.

Stephen is a nine-time Australian MO Award winner (including Peter Allen Variety Performer of the Year) and a seven-time Australian Club Awards winner (including Best Male Vocalist).

He has performed lead roles in major musical theatre productions including Hello Dolly, Evita, The Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber, Cats and The New Rocky Horror Show as well as leading roles in La Boheme, Dido and Anaes, Coronation of Poppea, and Orpheus
in the Underworld.

Stephen is a regular at Christmas Carol events across NSW.

Stephen is also in high demand on the world’s luxury cruise liners, which has seen him perform alongside some of the world’s most experienced and impressive performers.

Stephen uses his performance skills to keep his presentations entertaining and fun, while creating awareness of the techniques necessary for maximum power, control and projection.

He will demonstrate perfectly the range, and the awesome power, of the human voice.


  • Gain confidence in public speaking/singing
  • Learn to use the authority in your voice
  • Learn breath support
  • Understand Vocal Timbre
  • Learn basic microphone technique
  • Recognise the ‘one voice’ to sing and speak
  • Participate in vocal exercises
  • Participate in breath support exercises
  • Recognise the importance of confident vocal production
  • Understand the Basics of correct vocal technique
  • Maximise your vocal power
  • Free your mind for praise and worship.


Stephen can workshop a group performance involving your music/worship team.

This powerful item can then be performed by Stephen and the team at a service immediately
following a workshop.

For more details on this option, please contact Stephen (details are below).


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